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Arts & Education: Laughter is the best medicine

MISSOULA – We headed over to Jeannette Rankin Elementary School for this Arts and Education report where students there are learning that laughter really is the best medicine.

Over the past several weeks, the students have been learning about health after all, diet, exercise, sleep, hygiene, all important to living a healthy life.

When MTN News stopped by for a visit, SPARK! Ignite Missoula artist and teacher Teresa Waldorf was teaching a different health benefit, one, that many are not even aware of.

Arts and Education Laugher Best Medicine
Students at Jeannette Rankin Elementary School in Missoula have been learning that laughter really is the best medicine. (MTN News photo)

 “They also were learning that laughter is really the best medicine and the healthy benefits of laughing,” Waldorf said. “So, I was kind of like a reward today, where I get to come in and play a lot of games that just get us laughing.”

It may look like all fun and games — and for the most part it is. But the kids, maybe without them even knowing, are learning valuable life skills as well.

 “Take risks, I mean, speaking in front of people and being silly and using silly voices for some kids, it’s way out of their comfort zone,” Waldorf said. 

“To come into the classroom and work on public speaking and be reminded that is also about how we use our facial expressions, our gestures, our tone, our volume because this is the instrument we get to use in this art form,” she concluded.

Meteorologist Lewis Dortch

Meteorologist Lewis Dortch

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