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Morning Rounds: Why are we so tired?

MISSOULA – We answer your medical questions every Wednesday on Montana This Morning during Morning Rounds.

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Dr. Blair Davison with St. Patrick Hospital takes a look at a popular topic — why people often feel tired — during the March 13, 2019 edition of Morning Rounds.

The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has more information about the percentage of adults who often feel tired or exhausted on their website, including the following:

During 2010-2011, women (15.3%) were more likely than men (10.1%) to often feel very tired or exhausted. Among adults aged 18-44 years, women were nearly twice as likely as men (15.7% versus 8.7%) to often feel very tired or exhausted. In addition, a difference was observed among women and men aged 45-64 years (15.9% versus 12.2%), but no differences by sex were observed among persons aged 64-74 years or those aged ≥75 years.


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