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Missoula, Evaro shootings close Highway 93 North

MISSOULA – The search for a suspect in a pair of overnight shootings continues and has closed a major road between the Mission and Missoula valleys.

Immediately after receiving reports of the shots fired north of the Wye, law enforcement quickly shut down Highway 93 from north of the Wye to Evaro.

The Missoula County Sheriff’s Office is warning the road could stay closed for hours. But authorities believe that’s the best choice to keep from having another conflict with the shooting suspect.

“Right now there is a public safety risk. And we’re asking people in this area, and even expanded beyond the Evaro area to lock their doors. We have a suspect, at least one, on the loose right now in an SUV, a white SUV,” Missoula County Sheriff’s Office spokeswoman Brenda Bassett.

“Obviously, if you see that vehicle don’t approach it. Just call 9-1-1. We have the road closed down on Highway 93 from Grooms and 93 to Waldo and 93. So we’re asking people to respect those roadblocks. And you’re going to be diverted anyway so avoid that area completely if you can,” she added.

Additionally, Expressway has been closed east of the Airway Roundabout while Missoula Police investigate the scene of the first shooting.

Dennis Bragg

Dennis Bragg

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